Mitral Valve Meeting

Under the joint leadership of Prof. Francesco Maisano, Director of the Clinic for Cardiovascular Surgery at the University Hospital Zurich, and Martin B. Leon, MD, Director of the Center for Interventional Vascular Therapy, Columbia University, New York, the second international mitral valve meeting will take place. From February 14th to 16th 2016, leading experts from all over the world will meet at the University Hospital Zurich to discuss the latest developments in treatment of the mitral valve.

Workshops, lectures and live demonstrations of the latest technologies give you a vision into the future of the treatment of these specific diseases. And here the contemporary "Heart-Team" will be the future: Cardiologists and cardiac surgeons joined in deciding on the best therapy - tailored to the disease and the patient.

Approximately 200-300 physicians are expected to attend the meeting and overcome the classical borders between cardiac surgery and cardiology. At the University Hospital of Zurich, where this new, patient-centered and team-oriented nature of the heart valve therapy has already been successfully established, you will find the best conditions to experience the future of cardiac medicine.

Further informationen on the website

as well as in the event App "The Mitral"

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