Future perspectives of transcatheter valve interventions

Transcatheter interventions are the natural evolution of surgical treatment of mitral valve disease, offering the potential for beating-heart repair and replacement, with no need for cardiopulmonary by-pass and with the advantage to operate under physiologic conditions. Transcatheter mitral technologies open the perspective of on-line assessment of the outcome of the intervention.

Our clinic has been deeply involved in several preclinical studies in the field, ranging from device testing to imaging development. Several devices that have been tested in preclinical studies in the preclinical research facility of the USZ have been or will be shortly been tested in clinical studies.

As an example, direct transcatheter annuloplasty with a surgical-like annuloplasty device has been developed in collaboration between the USZ and UZH and the University of Milano, together with an industrial partner. This project has been instrumental to set the fundaments of the early clinical trials. The outcomes and the experience accumulated in the Preclinical experiments performed in the state of the art Hybrid Room of the Forschung Center Chirurgie of the USZ has been essential to standardize the procedures and to prepare for the first-in-man trials. The project also involved the development of an advanced planning and imaging guidance strategy to support the procedures. Fusion imaging and other state-of-the-art imaging modalities have been used during the development of the devices.

Several other transcatheter valve device projects are now ongoing and they include alternative mitral repair procedures, tricuspid annuloplasty, mitral replacement and new catheter designs.​


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Prof. Dr. med. Francesco Maisano

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