The Zurich Center for Integrative Human Physiology (ZIHP) is an interdisciplinary center of competence of the University of Zurich that brings together more than 100 research groups from different disciplines. It combines research on the level of molecules, cells, tissues and the whole organism aiming to better understand the complex physiology and pathophysiology of the human body (Figure 1).

Figure 1 Interdisciplinary and translational aspects of the Zurich Center for Integrative Human Physiology (ZIHP). The ZIHP aims to foster integrative research between complementary disciplines as well as from genes to molecules, cells, animals and humans.

Our experimental and clinical Cardiovascular Research Groups participate(d) in numerous cooperative projects:

  1. Vulnerable atherosclerotic plaques - early detection, functional imaging, targeted treatment (2007-09). Christian Matter (coordinator), Bruno Weber, Alfred Buck, Philipp A. Kaufmann, Peter Boesiger, Simon P. Hoerstrup, Thomas F. Lüscher, Steffen Gay, Felix Tanner.
  2. Role of inflammatory mediators in metabolic stress: from physiology to pathology (2007-09). Marc Y. Donath (coordinator), Christian Matter, Arnold von Eckardstein, Thomas Lutz, Burkhard Becher, Daniel Konrad.
  3. Pathways of aldosterone action in kidney and vasculature (2007-09). Carsten Wagner (coordinator), Christian Matter, Frank Ruschitzka, François Verrey, Johannes Loffing.
  4. Metabolism, function and regulation of high-density lipoproteins (2009-11). Arnold von Eckardstein (coordinator), Christian Matter, Ulf Landmesser, Thomas Lüscher, Katharina Rentsch, Lucia Rohrer, Simon Hoerstrup, Roland Wenger, Marc Donath, Gerd Kullak-Ublick , Gerhard Rogler, Dörthe Schmidt.
  5. Erythropoietin: protecting the heart from cold global ischemia-reperfusion injury (2008-10). Anna Bogdanova (coordinator); Vogel Johannes, Ulf Landmesser.
  6. Sirtuins in the immune system: From physiology to auto-inflammatory and auto-immune diseases (2010-12). Christian Matter (coordinator), Marc Y. Donath, Adriano Fontana, Steffen Gay, Michael O. Hottiger, Gerhard Rogler, Peter Richards.
  7. Paraoxonase-1: A detoxifying enzyme linking pathophysiological mechanisms from heart to retina (2010-12). Christian Grimm (coordinator), Wolfgang Berger, Katharina Rentsch, Ulf Landmesser.
  8. Immediate improvement of lipid metabolism, liver and endothelial function after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) surgery in obese humans and rodents (2012-14). Thomas Lutz (coordinator), Christian Matter, Thomas Lüscher, Loredana Asarian, Wolfgang Langhans, Lucia Rohrer.
  9. A protective role of SIRT6 in arterial thrombosis? – From mice to men (2014-15). Christian Matter (main applicant), Michael O. Hottiger, Reto Schüpbach.

Larger collaborations as a result of ZIHP cooperative projects

Some of the completed cooperative projects led to establishment of larger collaborations at a national and international level which receive external funding. These collaborations are led by ZIHP members, with a number of additional ZIHP members as consortium participants.

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